We got to ask the queen of questions, Dianna Kokoszka, our questions!!! We had so much fun and we learned so much from Dianna in this interview. Watch and learn what makes a great leader, lead and inspire those around them.

Dianna was the CEO of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching for many years and has inspired 1,000s of people with her story.



As CEO of Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (KW MAPS Coaching), Dianna Kokoszka is responsible for building the most powerful coaching and mastermind program in the industry. She leads a team of more than 100 MAPS coaches, who provide coaching programs tailor-made to help their clients build on the Keller Williams business models.

In 2009, Dianna created the BOLD (Business Objective: Life by Design) program, which instantly took hold and transformed the careers and beliefs about what was possible for thousands of real estate professionals.

Passionately committed to providing a high level of motivation and accountability to her clients, Dianna has over 30 years of real estate experience. Formerly as team leader of the Keller Williams Realty Denver-West Market Center, she pioneered documentation and accountability systems for real estate agents, helping others to draw upon her prior success as a mega agent.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and industry renown have resulted in many industry honors and awards, including the Stevie Award for the Best Sales Coaching Program; an appointment to the President of the United States’ Business Advisory Council; Denver Entrepreneur of the Year in 1984 and 1991; and Denver Businesswoman of the Year in 1986, 2003 and 2004.

Kokoszka’s tenacity and ingenious methods have not only brought her press coverage, they've brought her big business. She believes we are all creative, resourceful and whole. May we empower others to actively engage and participate in their own evolving transformations.

• Stevie Award for the Best Sales Coaching Program
• Appointment to the President of the United States’ Business Advisory Council
• Business Woman of the Year
• Who's who in America
• Best of the Best in Real estate
• Top 50 Most Influential Women in Real Estate
• Realtor of the Year
• Top Coach of the Year
• Stevie Award
• Prism Award Finalist
• Denver Entrepreneur of the Year
• Denver Businesswoman of the Year 

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